Royal Velumina - With Super Colostrum

Velumina contains Super Colostrum, an enhanced form of colostrum containing as much as 14% Proline Rich Polypeptides while regular colostrum only contains 1% to 3% of these important peptides.

Royal velumina with super colostrum

Only 10% of the cells in your body are human!

  • 90% of the cells in your body are bacteria, viruses and fungi, collectively known as the microbiome.
  • Up to 90% of all disease can be traced back in some way to the gut and the health of the microbiome.
  •  There are 10 times as many outside organisms in your body as human cells in the body.
  •  The cross-talk between the gut and the brain has multiple effects on motivation, intuition, decision-making and higher brain functions.
  • Metabolic activity of the gut flora allows our body to utilize food that would otherwise not be digested.
  • Your gut actually produces more of the feel-good neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, than your brain.
  • Structurally and neurochemically, the enteric nervous system in your gut is remarkably brain like, both structurally and functionally.
  • As a matter of fact, the human fetus forms the brain and the enteric nervous system out of the same cells.
  • The enteric nervous system lining the gut contains 100 million neurons, which is more than the spinal cord or the peripheral nervous system.

If you were bottle-fed as a child and never got your mother’s colostrum, it is 100% certain that your gut is out of alignment.

Velumina will help restore your gut microbiome to original factory specs.

Royal Velumina Ingredients

Super Colostrum

Velumina contains Super Colostrum, an enhanced form of colostrum containing as much as 14% Proline Rich Polypeptides while regular colostrum only contains 1% to 3% of these important peptides. Colostrum is pre-milk produced by all mammals directly after birth for its newborn. Colostrum supplies all mammal newborns with vital immune factors (such as Immunoglobulin, Lactoferrin and Proline Rich Polypeptides or PRPs), growth factors, vitamins and minerals to ensure the health and survival of all newborns, making colostrum nature’s perfect first super food.

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 The true miracle ingredients in colostrum is the Proline Rich Polypeptides (PRPs). These peptides modulate, balance, regulate and initiate indirectly most of the biochemical processes in mammals.They are probably the most significant natural substances in the body relating to the immune system. Clinical studies have proven that PRPs: Enhance underactive immune systems Aid in balancing the over-active immune system which causes autoimmune diseases, a condition in which the body attacks itself There are over 2000 clinical studies that show colostrum: Helps accelerate healing of all body tissue Helps increase bone and lean muscle mass Supports healthy cognition.


Inulin (Chicory Fiber) acts as a bed for the colostum content to grow upon, like putting soil in the garden before planting.  In a world filled with rich, processed foods and sugars, our system cannot effectively digest and eliminate toxic waste. As a result they are trapped in our digestive system, which is often the start of many health complications. Inulin is natural chicory fiber with prebiotic properties which helps stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in our system to help effectively eliminate these toxic wastes.

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One of the many benefits of Super Colostrum is the ability to promote a healthy digestive system by eliminating bad bacteria. This ability is further enhanced by the presence of lnulin in Velumina which serves as a food source for beneficial bacteria in our colon system. A healthy digestive system is essential to a strong immune system.

Yerba Mate Extract

 For many centuries, people in South American have enjoyed the rejuvenating effects of Yerba Mate. Today it is quickly becoming the ingredient of choice due to its abundance of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Often brewed into a tea, Yerba Mate has been safely consumed to help enhance focus and mental clarity along with increased physical energy.

Elderberry and Blueberry Powder

 Elderberries  have an ORAC (oxygen radical absorbancy capacity) of 14,697, the second-highest of all berries in the world and is also known for abilities to stave of colds and flu, making it a perfect companion to the Super Colostrum in Velumina. Blueberries have the next highest ORAC rating of 9,621, making it the third-highest of all berries with the documented ability to absorb cancer-causing Free Radicals.


Do you remember what it felt like to leap out of bed in the morning when you were a kid? D-ribose is a powerful fatigue fighter—20% of Americans suffer from fatigue that interferes with their normal life. The documented benefits of D-ribose include enhanced physical strength, greater endurance and less free-radical stress during strenuous exercise, and fewer symptoms of fibromyalgia. D-ribose is often used in treating a myriad of cardiovascular problems including arrhythmia, angina, heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, statin-induced myalgia, and the rescue of any muscle tissue that is starving for oxygen. It is also clinically proven to help reduce many heart risk factors.

Panax Ginseng

Panax (Korean) ginseng Roots from the plant have been used for centuries as a component of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is often used for its ability to enhance memory and cognitive functions. Ginseng is considered an adaptogen, which means it helps your body to withstand mental and physical stress. It may boost your immune system, function as an antioxidant, benefit inflammatory conditions, and act as a stress tonic. It has stimulant properties and may be useful for heart health and neurodegenerative disease.

YTE® - Young Tissue Extract

Only Patented YTE® Young Tissue Extract is clinically proven to boost Serotonin (The ‘happy homone’) by as much as 46%, causing you to just feel good for no apparent reason and Serotonin boosts cognitive abilities causing you to think clearer and clear away ‘mental fog’. It is also clinically proven to reduce Cortisol (the stress hormone) by as much as 48% causing you to feel calmer and go to sleep with less ‘mental clutter’ that keeps people awake after going to bed.

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YTE® has an abundance of Oligopeptides that trigger Fibroblast Growth Factor multiplication, just like in the human placenta. They trigger Fibroblast Growth Factor multiplication, just like in the human placenta. It’s FGF signaling peptides, found no where else in nature and provide instructions for stem cells to create and heal. It’s like a software program that activates the dormant stem cells already attached to damaged areas in your body. Anywhere in your body where there are damaged tissues, dormant stem cells are there, waiting for intructions.

But as we age, those stem cells cease to be active. They are not getting instructions that FGF growth factors provide. The multiplication of these growth factors are switched on by the signaling molecules in the fertile INCUBATED Hen’s egg that is just days away from becoming a live chick. Oligopeptides are grouped short-chain amino acids that pass the digestive process easily because they are BONDED TOGETHER,  Readily recognized and BIOAVAILABLE, they activate your stem cells to repair and regenerate. It can be any injured area of the body; Muscles, Organs or Brain. Virtually any injury in your body will be benefited by increasing stem cell production and instructions.

Colostrum restores the Human Microbiome

Colostrum is nature’s first food for all mammals.  In fact, it’s the way that the all mammalian mothers pass their immunity to their children. That’s why Colostrum has been known throughout time as “immune-milk”, containing:

  • all essential fats
  • all essential amino acids
  • all essential glycol-nutrients
  • 87 growth factors, which accelerate and regenerate the healing of all body tissues
  • 97 immune factors, which supercharge the immune systems to protect us from bacteria, viruses and all other invading organisms
  • All probiotic bacteria

There are over 5,000 studies to date that proving that Colostrum helps heal immune problems, causes tissues to regenerate and countless other healing benefits. Colostrum also contains every strain of probiotic bacteria that the mother has and is far superior for restoring your gut bacteria than using probiotics. If a probiotic was one instrument, Colostrum would be the entire symphony.

Royal Velumina restores the human microbiome

Doctors agree: Colostrum Increases Immunity to colds and flu

The immune and growth factors present in cow Colostrum have been verified in lab analysis to be identical in molecular combination to humans. Amazingly, the cow and no other animal is able to transfer these healing nutrients to humans.

The over prescribing of antibiotics has resulted in many of them not working anymore against a wide variety of what are called “super bugs”. Colostrum is effective against these because it supercharges your immune system. Most people who take colostrum daily report not getting flus or colds anymore when they still get exposed to them, like in an office or educational environment. A pubmed study showed that colostrum is three times more effective at preventing flu that the flu vaccine itself, and that study was done is a high-risk, hospital setting.

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Royal Velumina - With Super Colostrum

Velumina contains Super Colostrum, an enhanced form of colostrum containing as much as 14% Proline Rich Polypeptides while regular colostrum only contains 1% to 3% of these important peptides.

Royal velumina with super colostrum

Velumina Powder Sachets - With Super Colostrum

Velumina Sachets are fast-acting, with great natural flavor from Elderberry and Blueberry components. Just mix in a glass of Velaqua Water and stir!

Velumina 15 Sachets per box