The Velaqua is the price conscious person's choice for an alkaline ionized water machine

Velaqua Alkaline Ionized Water Machine

A Paradigm Shift in Alkaline Ionized Water Technology.

9.5ph (safe), -237 to -513 ORP, 4000 Negative Ion Readings ALL Meter-Measured.

Completely Natural Technology uses NO Electricity to Create Alkaline, Ionized, Micro-Clustered Water that produces Great Tasting Water the same exact way the earth does.
pH and -ORP Meters show that it Competes in Side-By-Side tests with Expensive Electrically Created Water Machines.

Only $129.95

Now anyone can enjoy natural Alkaline, Ionized, Micro-clustered drinking water without spending a small fortune.

Velaqua is a revolutionary portable water enrichment system that duplicates natures water purification and filtration process using gravity instead of electricity chemicals or other artificial methods.

The Problem with Our Water

Nature once provided us with clean water from flowing sources such as rivers streams springs and rushing brooks.

Today water and air pollutants have contaminated our earth’s water beyond our ability to cleanse it. More than 80,000 chemicals are registered for use in the US thousands being added annually many will find their way into our water supply the government regulates only 91 contaminants.

Normal tap water is considered to be drinkable until one realizes the chemicals that are been added to it. Further inland, source quickly becomes acidic, registering as low as 5.8 on the pH scale. A human body needs to be at a 7.2 on the pH scale to achieve a perfect state of balance and health. And acidic state below 7.2 can result in many health risks and complications.Carbonated soft drinks are among the most acidic beverages you can put into your body. They have an average pH of 2.5 or lower. Combined with artificial colors sugar substitutes and other chemicals they are among the most toxic beverages in our diet.

Some bottled water companies harvest water from ground sources but many others simply filter city tap water and charge more per gallon than gasoline. In many cases, the water is still filled with harmful pollutants and contaminants, not to mention the most plastic bottles are not recyclable and are choking our Earth.

The Solution: Velaqua

 With output similar to the
expensive electronic machines,
Anyone can afford Alkaline
Ionized Water in their home!

Velaqua - The All-Natural Process Means Great Tasting Water

 Nature’s way of purifying water that falls into the ground is long and tedious as it seeps in and trickles through the Earth’s layers of natural rocks and soil. It is slowly filtered and infused with health enhancing minerals and when it bubbles to the surface in the form of a mountain spring it is healthy and delicious. In some places the water even has an alkaline and ionizing properties.

This natural process often takes months, sometimes even years.

Velaqua delivers the same results in just a few hours as it re-creates that journey perfectly emulating nature; creating natural mountain spring water in one portable counter-top system.

usgs water cycle map

Velaqua provides natural healthy and delicious drinking water with these benefits:

• Peace of mind knowing where your water comes from.

• An affordable system that delivers priceless water.

• It’s affordable and portable. You can take it anywhere.

• Uses only gravity and natural minerals without electricity, plumbing or chemicals.

Velaqua questions and answers:

Q. How does Velaqua work?
A. Perfectly emulating nature’s process, the system will Filter, Purify, Mineralize, Alkalize and Energize water utilizing the same process that nature has used since the beginning of time. Powered only by gravity, Velaqua uses premium Rare Earth natural minerals to enrich its water without electricity, harmful chemicals or other artificial methods. Simply pour water into the top holding tank and watch it transform into delicious of the water that everyone in the family can enjoy.

Q. How does Velaqua water taste?
A. Most agree that Velaqua water taste better than bottled water or water produced by other systems. Velaqua uses only natural ingredients to filter, purify and mineralize it’s water. Velaqua uses organic coconut fiber carbon, which leaves the water with the delicious sweet and smooth taste!

Q. Velaqua generates water that is about 9.5 to 9.8 pH. Should water be this alkaline?
A. The pH has been carefully determined and is naturally alkaline. There is a systemic struggle in the body between acidity and true pH balance of 7.35 to 7.45. Invariably acid has the upper hand in most people. Until our acidic body returns to a balanced state, the water’s pH should remain high to help the body alkalize itself to a normal pH of 7.3 quicker. Being in an acid state (lower than 7.3) may lead to many health risks and complications. Higher pH water is normal for many drinking water sources. For example, St. Louis County in Missouri has a pH of 10.2 coming out of the tap and a documented lower cancer rate than most counties in the USA.

Q. How many glasses of Velaqua water should I drink every day?
A. Most experts recommend drinking at least half your weight in ounces daily for any health regemin. This applies to Velaqua as well.

Q. Can I cook using Velaqua water?
A. Absolutely. Alkaline water is recommended for all uses. Many people tell us that vegetables cooked in Velaqua Water have a brighter taste!

Q. Velaqua was designed to be synergistic with Velumina. What are the real benefits?
A. All great supplements will only function as well as delivery system that carries them within our body. Alkalized energized water is a great carrier of nutrients and will deliver them more effectively into our cells thereby enhancing it’s health properties.

Q. How much water will the Unit hold?
A. The top holding tank has a 1 ½ gallon capacity. The bottom storage tank is a 2 ½ gallon capacity. Collectively, the unit as a 4 gallon capacity.

Q. How big is the Velaqua?
A. 18.5″ deep, 10.5″ wide, 19.5″ tall – many users remove the top tank after it empties so it fits under the kitchen cupboards. The lid fits the bottom tank also.

Q: How long does it take to fill the bottom tank?
A: Depending upon you tap water’s mineral content,  it takes between 2 and 3hrs. It’s an ALL-Natural process!

Q: What’s included when I buy the unit?
A: Everything you need. The unit itself, the filter canister, the ceramic disc and the booster kit.