The Velaqua Water Machine

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Presenting The Velaqua

 All Natural Alkaline Ionized Water Machine that competes head-to-head [ using Test Meters ] with Expensive Electronic Machines!
Now at 1/3 of the original ($349) cost we feel at just $129 it’s now by far the Best Affordable Alkaline Ionized Water Solution
A Paradigm Shift in Alkaline Water Machine Technology.

velara velaqua replacement filters
velara velaqua replacement filters
velara velaqua replacement filters

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The Velaqua

Now everyone can enjoy natural Alkaline, Ionized, Micro-clustered drinking water without spending a small fortune. Velaqua is a revolutionary portable water enrichment system that duplicates natures water purification and filtration process of the earth using gravity instead of electricity chemicals or other artificial methods.

Velaqua Presentation on Video

Our Velaqua is meter-tested to show that it compares to the expensive electronic machines in side-by-side, performance comparisons.

In this video, Kai Jacobson, a long-time dealer of Kangen then Tyent Alkaline water machines, explains:

  • How the Velaqua Creates Alkaline Ionized Water.
  • Performs ph Testing using drops anyone can get at a Pool Supply Store.
  • Compares several popular bottled waters with Velaqua.
  • Verifies with Actual Meters so you can see too!

~~~~~  The PROOF is in the Video  ~~~~~

The velaqua takes tap water that measures at positive 272 ORP and changes it to negative 355 orp. Thats a swing of 632 points!

From +272 to -355 ORP

In the above video you can see for yourself that the Velaqua takes tap water that measures at positive 272 ORP and changes it to negative 355 orp. That’s a swing of 627 points!.
water cycle diagram for velaqua replacement filters

All Natural

Nature’s way of purifying water that falls into the ground is long and tedious as it seeps in and trickles along the Earth’s layers of natural rocks and soil. It is then slowly filtered and infused with health enhancing minerals and when it comes to the surface in the form of a mountain spring it is healthy and delicious water. In some places the water even has an alkaline and ionizing properties. This natural process may take months, even years. Velaqua delivers the same results in merely a few hours as it re-creates the journey similar to nature; creating natural mountain spring water in one portable countertop system.

Our unique ion infused ceramic disc simulates the hard crust of the earth, constantly baking in the sun and charged by the sun with negative ions.
You can even recharge your ceramic disc once or twice a year by taking it out and letting it sit in the sun for a day! This layer of Earth, approximately 8 to 10 feet thick, also filters out micro organisms just like our ceramic disc does. You can use the Velaqua while camping or fishing to remove biologicals from river water.

Our velaqua filter canister simulates the next 400 feet or so of the earth, further filtering the water. When the water goes through this level of Earth, exposing it to the minerals in the earth, it changes the pH of rainwater and charges the water with the negative charge of the earth as opposed to the positive charge of the air.”

The Third Stage of the Velaqua is the mineral booster cartridge that sits over the spigot in the unit, simulates the aquifer below where water sits against the minerals in the reservoir, further changing the ORP status to more and more negative.

The All-Natural Velaqua is the perfect emulation of the exact way that the earth produces alkaline, ionized water.

Benefits of Alkaline Water Machines

Alkaline Water Benefits

Velaqua provides natural healthy and delicious drinking water with these benefits:

• Peace of mind knowing where your water comes from.

• An affordable system that delivers water comparable to expensive units.

• It’s portable. You can take it anywhere.

• Uses only gravity and natural minerals without electricity, plumbing or chemicals.

• Velaqua’s proprietary energy infusion technology fortifies your water with essential rare earth minerals that produced water with remarkable health benefits.

• Super cellular hydration – assists the body in rebuilding.

• Incredible antioxidant source – supports healthy aging.

• Powerful anti-inflammatory – reduces free radical activity.

• Restores healthy alkalinity – changes water’s pH level to 9.5 or better.

• Makes micro-clustered water – more easily absorbed by cells.

• Emergency Water – If the power grid fails, your pool is your water. Velaqua Filters out 99.99% of Chlorine.

See More: Benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water

How Does the Velaqua Alkaline Ionized Water Machine Work?

Velaqua Replacement Filters and Parts

Velaqua Replacement Filters and Parts

Velaqua Replacement Filters and Parts

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Complete Filter Set

Filter, Disc and Booster

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Filter Canister

Replacement Filter

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